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Risk Management Toolkit v2.0

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Welcome to the Risk Management Toolkit

This web-based risk management toolkit is intended for the exclusive use of members of the Oregon Association of REALTORS®. The toolkit is reference guide intended to be a source of information about professional real estate practices in Oregon. The Toolkit is divided into four volumes. The first volume, Holding Yourself Out to the Public is about the rules, regulations and practices that effect how you deal with prospects. It covers everything for advertising regulation to fair housing law to making cold calls. The second volume, Working with Clients covers agency relationships, dealing with FSBOs and commission issues. Writing the Deal is the third volume and covers all that goes on from offer to closing, including forms, multiple offers, contract performance and short sales. The fourth volume deals with risk management and covers topics from initialy identifying risk to analyzing and mitigating risk. Each volume of the toolkit is organized in the same way. Applicable rules and regulations are set out at the beginning of each subject with links to the actual statue or rule. Explanations of each rule or statute are linked to the statute or rule. Simply click on the explanation link. Each subject is then discussed in depth with imbedded links to other applicable sections, related web-sites and other helpful information on that subject.

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There are three ways to use this web-based tool. You can simply click on a volume in the toolkit index on the left and read the volume like a book. While reading you can click on imbedded links for more detailed information. Use the back and return to the top buttons to get back to the main subject. You can also click on individual subjects of interest in the toolkit index. The Toolkit contains a powerful search feature you can use to search the entire toolkit. You can use the Search feature at top of this page by typing keywords related to the information you are seeking just like you would in a Internet web-browser. The search result will display all the places the keywords appear in the Toolkit along with the sentence in which the words appear. Simply click on the displayed link you select from the option available. Again, use the back or return to the top buttons to get back to the main subject.

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